• Manu Prakash
    Director & Practice Head - PPS
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  • Dr. Varun Kakde
    Senior Associate - Public & Environment Health
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  • Exploring Innovations in Health, Wellness and Nutrition
    • Urban Services Monitoring System
    • Mobile based Disease Surveillance
    • Measuring Public Health and Road Safety Benefits
    • Dynamics and Structure of Private Health Care
    • Integrating climate disasters with health and nutrition
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About Health, Wellness and Nutrition Sector - Key Projects

Project Name: Scoping Study for Design and Establishment of Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Centre (DPMC), Hazira
Client: Hazira Notified Area (HNA)

In order to enhance the emergency service needs at Hazira during a major disaster, Hazira Notified Area and Disaster Prevention and Management Committee awarded TARU to undertake a scoping study towards Design and Establishment of Disaster Prevention and Management Centre. The study put forward a comprehensive list of operational and functional requirements, identified key elements for design and construction of the DPMC. The study features establishes the Concept of Operations (CONOPS), along with Operations, Functions, Design and Establishment (resource needs) aspects of the centre.