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Urban-verse: Knowledge and Partnership Forum on Urban Issues

Urban-verse: Knowledge and Partnership Forum on Urban Issues

Urban-verse’, an open urban knowledge exchange platform, has been initiated by ‘Institute for Smart, Resilient and Future Cities of TARU’ along with its partners. The initiative integrates the available knowledge with practical wisdom, through collaboration with wide range of stakeholders, both government and private, individuals and institutions, etc. The platform will initiate dialogue on topics related to future of urbanization in India, convene urban think tanks, subject matter experts, the private & public sector and researchers across ‘sectors’ to discuss on various aspects of urbanization; connect knowledge centers with development practitioners to translate ideas into action; and generate new evidence (through research studies, pilot projects, etc.); identifying potential way ahead in urbanization.

First series of Urban-verse on " Transforming Cities- Role of Urban Citizen Market, March 30, 2017, IHC, New Delhi

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